WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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VAAL EP4500 Rechargeable Disposable 4500 Puffs Review

By Shengwei Guan 3 months ago 708 Views No comments

The VAAL is popular brand many of the regular disposables you find on the market. Although it retains the same simplicity and elegance, it also has a rechargeable feature and a VAAL EP4500 puff count. In addition to that,you also get to choose from an assortment of delicious flavors all infused with salt nicotine so you can keep your nicotine cravings at bay for a long time.



With its 9.5ml of e-juice capacity,

VAAL EP4500 Rechargeable Disposable gives you up to 4500 mouthfuls of flavoring cloud pleasure with each puff.

A pure taste and joyful nicotine experience are produced by Vaal Vape technology, which contains all kinds of e-juice intake and e-liquid lock-in mechanism.

4500 Vaping Puffs Disposable Pod

Integrated 400mAh Rechargeable Battery

WideWich technology

Mesh Coil 1.2ohm

9.5ml Large E-liquid CapacityStealth and easy to use

Design and Build Quality insideThe VAAL EP4500, a nice, ergonomic build. It is cylindrical and well rounded off so it fits comfortably in your mouth. The mouthpiece is reminiscent of a more advanced vaporizer.

It is pretty comfortable even when you vape for extended periods. There is even an e-juice window on the upper portion of the device,

allowing you to monitor your e-juice so you are not guessing.

While many things may allow the VAAL EP4500 vape to stand out from other disposables on the market, one thing it has in common is its draw-activated firing mechanism. This makes vaping pretty easy for even beginners since there is no learning curve. To get started with the device, you have to first press down on the pin. Wait at least 3 minutes before you can use the device.

Something you would normally not expect from a device designed to be disposable is adjustable airflow. Nonetheless, the manufacturers behind the VAAL EP4500 has this feature so vapers can enjoy a flexibility that associated with more advanced devices also offer.

In addition to that, using a Type-C rechargeable 400mAh BATTERY, you can easily recharge the battery until you are through with the pre-filled 9.5ml Large E-liquid . This is the manufacturer’s solution to the issue of disposables always running out of battery power before the e-juice is exhausted.

Flavor Availability

One thing you get to enjoy is the assortment of e-juice flavors that the VAAL EP4500 comes with. According to its manufacturer, you are guaranteed a flavorful experience every time you puff. Some of the flavors you get to choose from include CHEER COKE,COOL MINIT, GRENADINE, JASMINI PASPBERRY, STRAWBERRY MANGO, STRAWBERRY MANGO Milk SHAKE,RASPBERRY YOGURT,FRUITY HAWAII,PEACH GELATO,WATERMELON ICE,RAINBOW CANDY,STRAWBERRY GRAPE WATERMELON,GUMMY DROP ALONE GRAPE,CLASSIC,MIX BERRIES,STRAWBERRY KIWI LITCHI LEMON KIWI,PEACH MANGO WATERMELON and COCONUT ICE CREAM.

Each device contains 5.0% of salt nicotine which is about 9.5ml. Considering the device promises about 4500 puffs before the e-juice is finished, it means you would be vaping an equivalent of more than 5 packs of cigarettes. A single device may be able to keep you going for well over a week or longer.

Availability and Pricing

The VAAL EP4500 disposable vaporizer comes neatly packaged in a signature-style box. For a disposable that delivers as many puffs as this one, it is more or less a steal considering the price you would be able to get it for. At vapecentralgroup.com, you can get a pack of the VAAL EP4500 disposable vape for $19.95. This price is considerably cheaper than what you may find on most other vape shops.


In the world of disposables, each manufacturer tries to do is create a device that stands out. For the VAAL EP4500, leaving the 4500 puff count was not enough, the manufacturers also decided to fit the device with a rechargeable battery and an adjustable airflow for an even more personalized vaping experience. Overall, the VAAL EP4500 is a worthy competitor in the world of disposable vape devices.

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